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Lembrei-me do dARQ...

e de muitas outras coisas ao ler um ensaio "Architecture and the Pathognomic" de John Hejduk, publicado na A+U 244 de Janeiro de 1991. Transcrevo o primeiro parágrafo:

' Disciplines can die, a discipline can collapse. The pathological symptoms at first can be hidden under the appearance os a still-functioning organism, but the activity of the presence os a disease slowly presents itself. The workers within the discipline are forced to define their operational stand: 1) to totally ignore the situation and go about their business as nothing has changed, 2) to do research and take active part in combating the disease, through the exploration and searching for a cure and the hopefull eventual eradication of the potencially deadly bacteria, 3) to gently help the discipline through its death and wait for a rebirth, the form, structure and content of which is yet to be known '

to be continued...

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