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'Relational Objects'

Architecture serves us as a mean of perception, scanning, filtering and analyzing everyday life. Our way of working is highly reflexive, because the origin of our work is not only the substance of architecture itself, but in the reflection on the conditions of production. Form is not only the result of function or program, but is determined in a series of working steps by innumerable intended and coincidental factors. Often, the architect assumes the role of mediator rather than that of a designer or author. As a sort of communication intereface, form emancipates itself from functionally or culturally determined duties of representation. This act of liberation is advantageous for both sides.
Still, architecture needs to deal with formal questions.
Their transformation into built reality is dealt with by the means of architecture: matter and space. Architecture is perceived, through media or in reality, and form is intuitively perceivable. In this, its physical presence, still lies one of the strengths of Swiss architecture. We are working on broadening positions of Swiss architecture.
With the term 'relational objects' we mean architectures which go beyond the autism of minimal boxes, but which at the same time don´t give up on the formal strength and rigour object.
We are trying to create objects that possess multiple levels of reading by interlacing diverse facts and general conditions. Tha in-between, non-linear, and undefined, lends architecture content, makes it appropriatable and interpretable. The unspoken, subliminally perceived lets us see it in ever different ways and protects it from easy consumption, wear out and discarding.

Texto de EM2N Architeckten, in A+T, n.24, outono 2004

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